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SOUL Talk with Maria Christina Gabriel - spiritual mentor, plant mystic and birth doula

Nicole Dechow


Soul Talk is a 5 question interview with inspiring people from all over the world that I met on my path.  And I couldn't be any happier to introduce you to Maria Christina Gabriel today. Christina, who is living most of the time in New York,  is a spiritual mentor that to me is very intuitive and on point.
Earlier this year, while I attended a workshop with her, I loved her introduction words immediately when she said "...we are not here to celebrate the drama, we are here to heal...".  I was deeply impressed by her profound wisdom and heart-warming nature and can absolutely recommend to work with her. I already decided if I ever have a second child, I want Christina to be my birth doula. From my heart thank you for all the inspiration, Christina.

Maria Christina Gabriel, 35, New York City, NY Spiritual Mentor | Plant Mystic | Birth Doula

1.About Me:
I love all things mystical. I spent my life traveling the world, learning different teachings and traditions from Peru to Tibet and translating them to modern language for my generation. Over the last years I offer mentorships and soul work from NYC to people all over the world.

2. What l love:
Oh, where to start?! I love Mama Earth and all her wild teachings that keep on nourishing me. I’ve a strong connection to the mountains and believe they protect us with their sacred, patient energy. So whenever possible and I am spending time up there to integrate. Watching the sun rise over jagged edged mountains, dipping my toes into the cool creeks and having my face warmed by the sun is pure bliss to me. Nature deeply grounds me and I feel very present and at one with Earth.
I love our human ability to begin again, to decide anew and to grow into different directions. There’s so much that is waiting to be discovered and with every step I learn more about myself along the way.
I love the intuitive, all things we can’t touch but feel.

3. What Spirituality means to me:

Spirituality describes a way of living to me, a way of looking at the world. Through my daily practice I experience connection to something bigger than me. This may come through meditation, dancing, affirmations, prayer, cooking, working with herbs ... Experiencing this connection is quite humbling and brings a lot of grace to life. I decided early on that this is the foundation I want for everything I do. If I can feel my soul is all in with something, I know it’s the way to go. Looking back today, these decisions brought more purpose and connection into my life overall. Becoming a Birth Doula, doing Spiritual Readings and Blessings wasn’t something I would have ever planned and still I was guided there in the most beautiful way and am so grateful for this journey.

 4. My Health Secret:

  •  Organic lifestyle and taking the time to really taste and enjoy what’s on your plate
  •  Do it yourself - I’m a Virgo and prefer homemade products to put on my skin or in my belly so I really know what’s in it. Never stop questioning ...
  •   Slow Living and being mindful of where your focus keeps on returning to
  •  Herbal Medicine, Tinctures, Teas, Infusions - I love to work with the agents of Mama Earth to keep my balance, especially in a city like NYC
  • Laughing! I don’t have a day that I did not laugh at least once before going to bed
  •  Celebrating my Body's Rhythms - I’m an early bird which also means I go to bed quite early. Also, I’d never plan appointments when I’m having my period as I like to take this time for myself and go into self care
  • Spending Time in Nature as often as possible. Even when it’s just a barefoot walk on the grass, I feel an immediate re-connection
  • Movement is essential to me. Sometimes it’s yoga or a morning run at the sea, sometimes it’s dancing and spinning to going to a boxing class. I like to mix it up and see what I feel like
  • Manifestation - If I can feel as if I have something in my life already, it’s coming in like speedy gonzales :-) Faith it till you make it.
  • Giving Back is essential to me. It may be a smile or a donation or providing scholarships for my trainings. It’s important to me to share and I had great teachers for this in my life, too.

Something I want to share with you:
My personal Mantra is #FeelingIsHealing and I do keep on looking for healing components even in the darkest places. Our pain carries great medicine and it’s important to feel it in order to transform it into something lightful. 


Find out more about Maria Christina here : or on her inspiring Instagram profile @mariachristinagabriel 
There is a new "Power of Ceremony" course coming up with her in November - waitlist this way. 

Thank you so much Christina, I cannot wait to meet you soon again,

love, Nicole.