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SOUL TALK with Maria Christina Gabriel - Spiritual Mentor, Plant Mystic and Birth Doula.

Nicole Dechow

Soul Talk is a 5 question interview with inspiring people from all over the world that I met on my path.  And I couldn't be any happier to introduce you to Maria Christina Gabriel today.
Christina, who is living most of the time in New York,  is a spiritual mentor that to me is very intuitive and on point.

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Soul Talk with Lauren Lee, international yoga teacher and founder of

Nicole Dechow

Lauren Lee, international yoga teacher and founder of community platform

Lauren Lee, international yoga teacher and founder of community platform

Soul Talk is a short 3 question interview with inspiring people from the yoga and mindfulness community all over world.
Today answered by international yoga teacher and longtime friend of mine Lauren Lee, 28, from Boston, USA. 
She has a  passion for exploring herself and the wild, beautiful world in which we she lives in. 
I met Lauren 6 years ago in Goa, India and since then we stayed in touch being on different parts of this beautiful earth, connecting through yoga and our spiritual path.  Read what Lauren answered to our 3 soulful question.

What l love:

  • My daily meditation practice — I always try to incorporate 3 things I am grateful for to start my day with abundance and joy.
  •  Sacred Goddess’s within traditions — the Divine Feminine energy is bold, creative, wild, fierce, nurturing, intuitive and unconditionally loving. These are all traits I aim to embody in my own life. 
  • Tropical islands…the sunshine, fresh fruit, slower pace of life and cleansing Ocean water always makes me feel completely present and alive! 

What Yoga means to me:

To me, yoga is a way of life and cannot be defined in one way. I believe yoga is all encompassing and a state of integration of body/mind/heart awareness. Yoga is represented in so many different forms and practices, yet the ultimate yoga is one which invites consciousness, celebration, collaboration and union within our diverse inner and outer landscapes. 

I truly believe that yoga will heal the world and the true teachings of yoga can always be practiced at anytime, by anyone. 

My Health Secret:

Taking time for myself to rest, reflect and integrate. The more I teach and travel, the more time I need to spend with myself — I do this through my own Sadhana, lots of sleep, yoga nidra (especially when I can't sleep!), nourishing foods and being ‘okay’ with not over committing myself with social obligations.  

Lauren teaches, loves and learns around the globe. 
Find out more about Lauren and the wonderful community she created here:


Nicole Dechow


It's my birthday  - time to drink green champagne and dance on the table? Hmm.. maybe a green juice and dance on my yoga mat these days. But anyways today and I want to celebrate with you. You can win of my Soul & Jewels 108 Prayers Rosequartz and Amethyst Malas. 
The perfect Mala for Unconditional Love & Protection.
How to participate:
Just leave a comment here why you should be the lucky winner  and I will announce the winner tomorrow evening. Dec 21st here in the comments.

Good Luck and keep shining,

Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage
— Rumi


Soul Talk with Niki Sada Nam, Kundalini yoga teacher

Nicole Dechow

-Soul Talk is a short 3 question interview series with inspiring people from all over the world-

Niki is a global Kundalini yoga teacher from Augsburg, close to Munich.
As a greek-german hybrid and manifester on world tour her mission is to elevate the frequency of this planet and by bringer healing and light tothe many people she has worked with around the globe, helping them to free themselves from imagined disabilities. 

What I love:

Spreading Love & waking up from the "maya" (illusion of life)                                  “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all. “  @Yogi Bhajan

What Yoga means to me:

Kundalini yoga literally saved my Life. Honestly I have no clue how all these people make it out there without any form of practice to train the monkey mind.
I am forever grateful to my teachers Gurmukh & Tej Khalsa, as well as Yogi Bhajan.

My Health Secrets:

Ice cold showers in the morning and Turmeric Milk with Cinnamon, lots of Mantra chanting for beautiful Radiance: try the mantra "Ajay Alai"  for 11 min. 

Thank you for this beautiful insights dear Niki - you can find out more about  Niki and her techingshere:
Instagram: kundaliniyogauniverse




Soul Talk with Karen Henson Jones- Author of " Heart of Miracles" and Kundalini Yogateacher

Nicole Dechow

-Soul Talk is a short 3 question interview series with inspiring people from all over the world-

I met Karen in 2009 in Rishikesh at Parmath Niketan where we spend 4 weeks together being trained as Kundalini Yoga teachers. I am deeply touched by her book and her personal story. 

Karen Henson Jones, 39,&nbsp;lives in the Phillipines and the USA.

Karen Henson Jones, 39, lives in the Phillipines and the USA.

1. What I love:

The macro:

Coincidences and miracles
When a heartfelt dream comes true (for me or anyone else)
Tibetan Buddhist monks
Studying healing modalities, the saints and spiritual masters  
Flowers, Music, Romance
Family & Friends
Loyalty, people who pull you up  
God and the natural world, especially the oceans  

The micro:
Andy Borowitz New Yorker Cartoons
The Norweigian tv series Occupied
Paulo Coehlo and Lang Leav books
The Coldplay songs Clocks and Vida La Vida because they contain layered messages  
Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela
Films: All You Need Is Love, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Nine Queens
Philippine gardens, beaches and people

2. What Yoga means to me

Yoga, to me, means union, and union happens through the process of meditation. Asanas are the preparation, and meditation is the nectar.

Through meditation, we become aware of what we really are: creative spirits having an experience of God that is within us. Yoga has been essential to my personal development, because it has helped me to re-pattern my mind, heal body, heart and soul, and accomplish much more than I ever through possible. Yoga is a passport to new life. 

Yoga takes you beyond a discussion of God to a vivid experience of it. When we develop our third eye, we become equipped with an interior compass to guide us.

Through meditation we can also access past lives and “try on” future possibilities. As the saying goes, you cannot play your part role in time until you understand who you are in eternity. (quote by sufi mystic Meera)

Yoga also means long lasting friendships with wonderful people and opportunities for travel, teaching and study. It’s taken me to people and places I could hardly imagine before.

And finally, it is the foundation for mental peace and confidence. It helps us to break mental patterns, and to be more confident because when we practice yoga, we feel strong.  Three of my top pick words to describe yoga would be: union, strength and awareness.

3. My  Health Secrets

1.     Loads of fresh vegetables. My grandmother is nearly 101, and she still works as an insurance agent in Manila. Her number one secret is vegetables.
2.     Live a purpose, not a career.
3.     Organic lifestyle ~ eat organic foods and use chemical free personal products. Once you get into the lifestyle it’s not as expensive as people think. In fact, it can even be more cost effective.
4.     Find a good doctor that is knowledgeable about current information, and one who is health conscious him or herself and will keep you motivated and tell you the truth.
5.     A modality of internal energy healing called Vibrational Activation.
6.     Exercise.
7.     Spend time in nature.
8.     Affirmative thinking, meditation and prayer.
9.     Be nice to yourself. Much nicer!
10. Through all things, Be Love.  

Thank you for this inspiring and soulful insights, Karen.

 About Karen:

Karen Henson Jones is the Philippine-American author of Heart of Miracles. She has been featured on CNN Philippines Profiles, and in The Washington Post, Yoga Journal Russia and LA YOGA. She has spoken at Talks@Google and is also a contributor to The Huffington Post. She attended the Lam Rim teachings taught by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in India. Karen is a graduate of Cornell University, London Business School and Golden Bridge Yoga.