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Gratitude List - how to start one and use it to attract more things into your life to feel grateful for

Nicole Dechow


“The attitude of gratitude is the highest form of Yoga” @Yogi Bhajan

Oh how I love my Gratitude List – it is my personal tool to change my vibration and apply the law of attraction. With this list I attract and invite more things into my life that I feel grateful for.
The list has been a part of my morning routine since over a year now and has been of great help and service to me. Sometimes you just need a reminder to shift your vibration and set a "tone" for the day. It is like tuning your radio into the right channel, the channel of gratitude and love.

Every morning after I wake up, while having a cup of coffee or matcha latte I write down at least 3 things in my gratitude list. I become fully present in the moment and pick whatever is there inside of me that makes me feel grateful. Sometimes it is things from the past sometimes in the present or even in the future. It can be big or small things, situations, people, projects or any topic that comes up for me.
I do love pretty notebooks and real black pens but because I still travel a lot I have my gratitude list on my phone in the notes. 
I also journal a lot but that is more for my creativity, progression and class preparation. But my gratitude list has definetly become my favorite these days.

It is a simple law – the more you feel grateful,  the more you attract things into your life to feel grateful for. And it does not have to be big things always, it is mostly the simple things in life like cuddling with your kid, finding the perfect avocado, seeing the sun rising over the ocean, finding a parking spot direct in front of the yoga studio or getting a phone call from an old friend.

Today I wrote down these 3 things:

- I am grateful to wake up and see the colours of fall on the leaves of the trees
- I am grateful for the last night giggles with my friend over the phone
- I am grateful for feeling connected to my path and sharing yoga, meditation and spirituality with others

Here are a few simple steps how you can start your Gratitude List today and apply the law of attraction:
1. Decide where you keep your Gratitude List (notebook, calendar, phone, laptop). It is good to keep it in a place close by and that you see or use everyday.
2. Close your eyes, connect to your breath and yourself and whenever you feel ready open your eyes and write down 3 things you feel grateful for in this moment.
3.  Read them out loud again and feel into this feeling of “gratitude”.

A few guidelines for the beginning of your Gratitude List:
 -i t does not always have to be a big thing you feel grateful for
- you can feel grateful for the same things on different days
- if you forget to write down at least 3 things on one day just add more things the next day
- be creative, it is your list, so you can write down whatever you want.
- do not judge the things you feel grateful for and do not compare it to others in your mind.

Start now - What do you feel grateful for today?
Write it down, make it a habit and attract more things to be grateful for. You absolutely deserve it.

Love and Gratitude, Nicole