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5 Secrets of Happy People

Nicole Dechow


You can ask almost anyone in this world what they want to do with their life and their answer will most likely be that they want to be happy and they want others to be happy too. 
While I am not a big fan of pretended happiness, fake smiles or covering up your unhappiness and topics to be worked on, I encourage you and everyone to go after what makes  you happy and cultivate happiness in your life.
Live the life that makes you most happy on your own terms. It does not have to be the "perfect" lifethat you see in movies, social media or any media. Happiness is an inside job and your life should make YOU feel alive and fill your unique being with happiness.
I love quoting Yogi Bhajan with "Happiness is your birthright", because it is. You are an extension of source energy and you are allowed to be happy. It simply means that you do not have to do anything, be someone or act or behave in a certain way to deserve happiness. You are you and that is enough , you deserve to be happy and you can claim your happiness.
Only if you are happy you can contribute to the state of happiness of others.  And the good news is you do not ave to be happy all the time to do so, I am also not sure if that is even possible, but you can simply carry a sense of gratefulness and contentment, in yoga we call this state "Santosha", with you. Be grateful for this life and all the opportunities life brings to you. You truly deserve it.
So here are 5 habits I commonly discovered with people who seem to live a happy lifestyle:

1. Happy People don't compare and practice gratitude
We all are so unique and carry different gifts and blessings within us. Do not focus on others. Focus on you, be grateful for the blessings which are already in your life. Discover more and more of them everyday.
I highly recommend starting a gratitude list, a very powerful tool to cultivate daily gratitude in your life. 
Read my post about "How to start a gratitude list" here.

2. Happy People live in the moment
You cannot be truly happy if you think about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. True happiness can only be experienced in the Now. Breathe deeply, ground yourself, connect with nature and become totally present in the moment.

3. Happy People have a smaller but stronger inner circle and friendships
We are very influenced by the people around us. There is a study that we are slowly turning into the 5 people we spend most of  our time with. Our brains and cells are connecting with each other. Nourish the friendships and people in your life you love fully

4. Happy People forgive others and themselves easily and quick
Let's face it we are not perfect and so is none. We make mistakes and that is ok, as long as we learn from our mistakes. Forgive yourself and forgive others. It does not mean that you are ok with everything that has happened or a certain situation, but it does mean that you don not have to carry the weight of anger, sadness etc. around with you anymore. 

5. Happy People take selfcare seriously and make it a priority
You can only fill from a full jar, not from an empty one. When you yourself feel drained and unhappy you can't expect to make others happy or help them. Taking care of yourself is not only a selfish act but also an act of love for others. Also you deserve to take care of yourself, give yourself permission. 

love and follow your bliss,
Nicole <3 

What makes your soul truly happy?&nbsp;

What makes your soul truly happy? 

Soul Talk with Lauren Lee, international yoga teacher and founder of

Nicole Dechow

Lauren Lee, international yoga teacher and founder of community platform

Lauren Lee, international yoga teacher and founder of community platform

Soul Talk is a short 3 question interview with inspiring people from the yoga and mindfulness community all over world.
Today answered by international yoga teacher and longtime friend of mine Lauren Lee, 28, from Boston, USA. 
She has a  passion for exploring herself and the wild, beautiful world in which we she lives in. 
I met Lauren 6 years ago in Goa, India and since then we stayed in touch being on different parts of this beautiful earth, connecting through yoga and our spiritual path.  Read what Lauren answered to our 3 soulful question.

What l love:

  • My daily meditation practice — I always try to incorporate 3 things I am grateful for to start my day with abundance and joy.
  •  Sacred Goddess’s within traditions — the Divine Feminine energy is bold, creative, wild, fierce, nurturing, intuitive and unconditionally loving. These are all traits I aim to embody in my own life. 
  • Tropical islands…the sunshine, fresh fruit, slower pace of life and cleansing Ocean water always makes me feel completely present and alive! 

What Yoga means to me:

To me, yoga is a way of life and cannot be defined in one way. I believe yoga is all encompassing and a state of integration of body/mind/heart awareness. Yoga is represented in so many different forms and practices, yet the ultimate yoga is one which invites consciousness, celebration, collaboration and union within our diverse inner and outer landscapes. 

I truly believe that yoga will heal the world and the true teachings of yoga can always be practiced at anytime, by anyone. 

My Health Secret:

Taking time for myself to rest, reflect and integrate. The more I teach and travel, the more time I need to spend with myself — I do this through my own Sadhana, lots of sleep, yoga nidra (especially when I can't sleep!), nourishing foods and being ‘okay’ with not over committing myself with social obligations.  

Lauren teaches, loves and learns around the globe. 
Find out more about Lauren and the wonderful community she created here: