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Soul pick of the month November

Nicole Dechow

November - to me is a month for being cozy at home, taking long walks in the woods being at awe with the autumn colours, making pumpkin soup in the kitchen or simply reflecting on life and taking time to look inside. To be honest, after living more than 3 years in the tropical heat of India, it is still not easy for me to adjust to the cold season. But I am feeling that the more I celebrate the cold and cozy, knowing I am exactly at the right place at the right time (ok.. mostly), I am beginning to like the cold (to say love would still be too much).
So here are a few items that I love and use recently:

Shawl: "We rise by lifting others" 
These soft and beautiful shawls carry wonderful messages and they all are handmade in Nepal.
I am happy and proud to be part of the Karmalove tribe.
You can get yours here
Note: you can receive a 10% discount by sending an email to: mentioning "Nicole Dechow" 

I absolutely love the Byredo perfumes as I am not a big fan of synthetic perfumes. Gypsy Love is my all-time favorite - I use it almost every day.
Read more about Byredo here

I use the whole Aura Soma System for inner healing work, healing work with students and energy balancing since almost 9 years and I absolutely recommend it. The pink pomander is the newest creation and you can use it on yourself to balance your energies. It carries the energies of self love and compassion. 
Read more about Aura Soma here
Get the Aura Soma Pomander here

The lovetuner is a tool for mindfulness. It carries the vibration of the heart frequency 528.
I absolutely love the loveuner sessions and it is a great design that you can always carry along as a beautiful necklace.
Find out more about the Lovetuner here

Have a wonderful November filled with love and magical moments,