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THE LAW OF LOVE - a poem by Yogi Bhajan

Nicole Dechow


Here is one of my favorite poems about Love, that inspired me in many ways over years.

The Law of Love
Love gives you power to merge,

From finite to Infinity.

Love gives you power to trust,

From nothing to everything.

Love gives you power, the most powerful.

Prayer between you and your Creator.

Love gives you vastness,

As vast as there can be.

Love gives you the hold, the experience,

And the touch with your own Infinity,

As beautiful as there can be.

Love is that surrender.

When you surrender at the lotus feet

Of the master, you become the master.

When you become the master,

You surrender your universe to the Universe.

Then you become divine.

When you surrender your divinity

To the Infinity, you become Infinite.

That is the Law of Love.

I found this poem back in 2009  in a teachers manual, when I just finished my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.
If you want to find more about the transforming teachings Yogi Bhajan  gave us you can visit the Kundalini Research Institute here.

Love always, Nicole.