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5 Dinge, die ich von meinem Life-Coach Ashley Paquin gelernt habe

Nicole Dechow

Kennst du das auch? Du fragst dich, was jetzt der nächste Schritt ist und wie du all das, was vor dir liegt überhaupt schaffen sollst?
Genauso erging es mir. Ich war nicht am Boden zerstört und alles lief ganz ok in meinem Leben und in meinem Job aber irgendwie hörte ich immer diese Stimme “ Das kann nicht alles sei” und "Da muss noch mehr sein”. Ich habe mehr als einmal daran gedacht, einfach alles hinzuschmeissen und was ganz anderes zu machen. Oder am besten nochmal auswandern. Nur leider

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INNER PEACE - 5 ways to find it right now

Nicole Dechow

choose peace over worry

choose peace over worry

Inner Peace sounds big and often we believe that to achieve a state of inner peace we need our lives to be perfect, do something or earn that state of peace. We tend to believe that when we achieve something, do something or be something we will find peace. The truth is we are always evolving and will never stop evolving and be perfect. In fact right now, in this moment on your journey you can find peace. Peace comes from within.
By finding your inner peace you are reflecting peace to the outside world and as we know these days our world can need an extra dose of peace.

Here I share with you 5 ways to find your inner peace – right now:

1.     Make peace with your past
Whatever happened on your journey, make peace with it. That doesn’t mean it’s all ok and you agree with everything that happened. At the same time make a cut and do not allow your past to determinate who you are today or even will become in the future. Forgive yourself and forgive others.

2.     ME Time
Commit to time with yourself. Meditate, do whatever makes you feel connected to yourself like art, listening to music. This time is so important and trust me you can only be happy with someone else when you can be happy with yourself first.


3.    Authenticity
The only way to love and to to be loved as the hightest version of you is to be truly authentic and be who you are.
That’s a powerful statement and its absolutely true. You are unique and you are amazing like that. Share your uniqueness with the world. 


4.    Connect with nature
Spend time in nature, everyday. Look around, appreciate nature and soak up the energy. It’s like a recharge for your soul and your being. Breathe the good and fresh air.


5.     Move
Move in whichever way you can. Your body loves to move. It allows stored emotions in the body to get released and keeps your body strong and flexible.
We all know how many emotions we can let go of if we move deeply into hip-openers in yoga class or how releasing it can feel to hit a punching bag.  Run to work, choose to take the stairs or take your friend on a yoga date.

By changing ourselves first we can make an impact and by that change the world.
Sending out love and peace,
you are loved and you are worthy,


Yagna - a fire ceremony to purify body, mind and soul in Rishikesh by the river ganga

Yagna - a fire ceremony to purify body, mind and soul in Rishikesh by the river ganga

&nbsp; &nbsp; Peace starts from within

    Peace starts from within