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Yoga und Faszienrolle - dein "Fitnessstudio" für zuhause

Nicole Dechow

Rückenschmerzen? Deshalb hilft die Kombination Faszienrolle und Yoga

Wir kennen es wahrscheinlich alle, der Rücken schmerzt und zieht und unser Wohlbefinden sinkt nach unten. 

In unserem Alltag sitzen die meisten von uns viel zu viel. Ob am Schreibtisch, im Auto oder auf der Coach. Dadurch verspannt sich der untere Rücken oder auch der Nacken, und schon sind Rückenschmerzen da.
Wenn wir diese nicht behandeln oder ihnen entgegen

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SELFLOVE WITH NICOLE 4. ADVENT - Christmas Smoothie & WIN Webinar "Manifest your dreams"

Nicole Dechow

Selflove Tipp Nr 4 - Nurture yourself mit diesem CHRISTMAS SMOOTHIE Rezept
Zum 4. Advent habe ich etwas ganz Besonderes für dich - mein heissgeliebtes, erprobtes und dazu noch super einfaches Christmas Smoothie Rezept. Was das mit Selbstliebe zu tun hat? Sehr viel!

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Nicole Dechow

Selflove Adventskalender mit Gewinn von veryYoga

Dieser Adventskalender ist ein Adventskalender mit 4 Türchen, an jedem Adventssonntag öffnen wir ein Türchen für mehr Selbstliebe. Ich verrate dir 1 Tipp der dir helfen wird mehr Selbstliebe in dein Leben zu bringen. Und etwas zu gewinnen gibt es natürlich auch!

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THE LAW OF LOVE - a poem by Yogi Bhajan

Nicole Dechow


Here is one of my favorite poems about Love, that inspired me in many ways over years.

The Law of Love
Love gives you power to merge,

From finite to Infinity.

Love gives you power to trust,

From nothing to everything.

Love gives you power, the most powerful.

Prayer between you and your Creator.

Love gives you vastness,

As vast as there can be.

Love gives you the hold, the experience,

And the touch with your own Infinity,

As beautiful as there can be.

Love is that surrender.

When you surrender at the lotus feet

Of the master, you become the master.

When you become the master,

You surrender your universe to the Universe.

Then you become divine.

When you surrender your divinity

To the Infinity, you become Infinite.

That is the Law of Love.

I found this poem back in 2009  in a teachers manual, when I just finished my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.
If you want to find more about the transforming teachings Yogi Bhajan  gave us you can visit the Kundalini Research Institute here.

Love always, Nicole.

Gratitude List - how to start one and use it to attract more things into your life to feel grateful for

Nicole Dechow


“The attitude of gratitude is the highest form of Yoga” @Yogi Bhajan

Oh how I love my Gratitude List – it is my personal tool to change my vibration and apply the law of attraction. With this list I attract and invite more things into my life that I feel grateful for.
The list has been a part of my morning routine since over a year now and has been of great help and service to me. Sometimes you just need a reminder to shift your vibration and set a "tone" for the day. It is like tuning your radio into the right channel, the channel of gratitude and love.

Every morning after I wake up, while having a cup of coffee or matcha latte I write down at least 3 things in my gratitude list. I become fully present in the moment and pick whatever is there inside of me that makes me feel grateful. Sometimes it is things from the past sometimes in the present or even in the future. It can be big or small things, situations, people, projects or any topic that comes up for me.
I do love pretty notebooks and real black pens but because I still travel a lot I have my gratitude list on my phone in the notes. 
I also journal a lot but that is more for my creativity, progression and class preparation. But my gratitude list has definetly become my favorite these days.

It is a simple law – the more you feel grateful,  the more you attract things into your life to feel grateful for. And it does not have to be big things always, it is mostly the simple things in life like cuddling with your kid, finding the perfect avocado, seeing the sun rising over the ocean, finding a parking spot direct in front of the yoga studio or getting a phone call from an old friend.

Today I wrote down these 3 things:

- I am grateful to wake up and see the colours of fall on the leaves of the trees
- I am grateful for the last night giggles with my friend over the phone
- I am grateful for feeling connected to my path and sharing yoga, meditation and spirituality with others

Here are a few simple steps how you can start your Gratitude List today and apply the law of attraction:
1. Decide where you keep your Gratitude List (notebook, calendar, phone, laptop). It is good to keep it in a place close by and that you see or use everyday.
2. Close your eyes, connect to your breath and yourself and whenever you feel ready open your eyes and write down 3 things you feel grateful for in this moment.
3.  Read them out loud again and feel into this feeling of “gratitude”.

A few guidelines for the beginning of your Gratitude List:
 -i t does not always have to be a big thing you feel grateful for
- you can feel grateful for the same things on different days
- if you forget to write down at least 3 things on one day just add more things the next day
- be creative, it is your list, so you can write down whatever you want.
- do not judge the things you feel grateful for and do not compare it to others in your mind.

Start now - What do you feel grateful for today?
Write it down, make it a habit and attract more things to be grateful for. You absolutely deserve it.

Love and Gratitude, Nicole

Full Moon Release Ritual /updated November 2017

Nicole Dechow

The time of the Full Moon is often a very special time, where we come to the end of a phase in our lives, a project or an emotion. It is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.
This full moon on the 4th November 2017 in Taurus brings up magic - use it wisely. It is a full moon full of hope and expansion - a time to dive deep and look what beautiful secrets are still hidden inside of you.

Many of us can feel the influence of the full moon as emotional states of being sensitive, overwhelmed or sometimes even  a bit angry or shaken. That is all ok and normal and instead of not using this energy and being stagnant, we should instead turn it into something that moves us forward on our paths.

I am sharing with you today a 2 step Full Moon Release Ritual, that I often held on my retreats or trainings. During the time I was living in India I learned to see rituals not as something religious or as a strict follow-through routine but as a sacred, heart-opening and powerful offering towards something higher than myself.
I invite you not to use your mind too much and try to understand everything with it (because that is absoluelty not possible) but instead go into feeling and open yourself up to the idea that you are connected to this universe, the sun, the moon and the stars. And that you consist of the same energy. And that you are a powerful human being of light that deserves all the blessing of the universe.

Full Moon Release Ritual
A ritual to release the past, to release what doesn't serve anymore and create space for new beginnings.

-find a space where you can be for yourself for about 10 minutes.
-you will ned 2 pieces of paper.
-prepare yourself by washing your hands and putting on some comfortable clothes.
-prepare the space by lightning  some candles, incense or smudging some sage.
-if you want to listen to music I prepared a playlist on Spotify called "Full moon magic" and recommend the first song ("Aad Guray Nameh" by the talented Jai-Jagdesh).

Step 1: 
-Sit in a comfortable position. Choose if you want to listen to a mantra or sit in silence. Both is great.
-Close your eyes and ask yourself these question; "What does not serve me anymore?"  "What does not belong to my life anymore?" " What am I repressing?" "What does not serve my higher purpose?" "In this moment, what can I let go of?"
-Take about 3 minutes and do not try to judge whatever is coming up and instead allowing it to flow. Take your piece of paper and write it all down.  
This can be 1 word or 2 sites of words, that is all up to you.
-Read it out loud again as if you were reading it to the moon and then tear this peace of paper into pieces - if you have a fireproof place you can even burn it  carefully in a candle but only if you have a fireproof vessel close to you and it is absolutely safe to do so.

Step 2:
-Close your eyes again and feel the liberation of everything that you just teared apart on that piece of paper. You can even imagine a bright flame at your 3rd eye point (Ajna Chakra) - the point in between your eyebrows. When you close your eyes try to look at this point, looking up just a little and relaxing the eyeballs. This flame will clear your whole body and even the energetic body around your physical body. 
-Now for a moment think about what serves your path, what serves you? What is it that helps you to stay happy, joyful and at peace?
-Open your eyes and fully allow yourself to feel into these things, feelings or anything that came up for you. And then write these words and intentions down on the other piece of paper. 
Read it out loud again as if you were reading it to the moon and close with this affirmation:

'I am a powerful loved human being and I deserve all the light and blessings of the universe flowing towards and through me."

Keep this piece of paper close to you - at least unitl the next New Moon and from time to time look it up, read it or just connect to the words. 

I hope you enjoy this ritual, sending you love and blessing, Nicole.

PS: I also created a board on Pinterest with some full moon inspiration. You can see it here. 
And please leave a comment how this ritual went for you or share it with someone it can be helpful for.

Ibiza.Yoga.Magic. ohh Ibiza

Nicole Dechow

1 week of yoga, ibiza and magical moments

1 week of yoga, ibiza and magical moments

Ohh Ibiza - I instantly fell in love with this island when I first arrived and until now it's a long-lasting love story – I would even say it's true love material.
The rough and beautiful nature, the crystal-clear turquoise water, the smell of oranges and figues in the air and this special energy around that you can only feel when you are on the island.  
I could write you a million love letters, Ibiza, but today I write about the love and magic at our yoga retreat I taught last week with my wonderful, talented most kind-spirited partner Jessica Ziesmer and a group of beautiful people who came with us to re-treat themselves with yoga, meditation and the nature of this beautiful place.

Breath-taking view from our yoga terrace

Breath-taking view from our yoga terrace

Ibiza. Yoga. Magic. We chose this name for our yoga retreats because we intend to create an atmosphere of magic for our students and let them experience magic in all forms - the magic of yoga, the magic of Ibiza and especially their own magic inside. A yoga retreat is always an opportunity to find time to look inside where find time away form the daily things and to-do-lists that keep us away from ourselves and what is going on inside of us. It's a time to recharge and refill your batteries.
This retreat was already our 3rd retreat on Ibiza and we couldn’t be more thankful for a group of wonderful people and a week full of magical yoga moments.
Our days always started with a more dynamic yoga session overlooking the magical rock "Es Vedra". This rock is sometimes described as Atlantis and it is definitely a powerful place that you won't forget too easy and pulls people from the whole island just to see the sunrise or sunset.
The classes had a different focus everyday to allow the students to dive deeper in their practise, gaining new experiences and take new insights back home.

The days were filled with some activities that everybody could choose themselves or just relaxing on the beach or pool. We discovered some new beaches on the west coast of the island this time, but still our "home-beach" the beach at Cala d’Hort with direct swimming in front of the "Es Vedra" rock is one of my favorites.

Our afternoon sessions were mostly yin and restorative yoga classes followed by special meditations. We also had a Yoga playground class for everybody who wanted to try out some handstands, armbalances and other acrobatic stuff and partner yoga.

On our first weekend we were lucky to visit the Ibiza Spirt Festival, which is a come-together of the spiritual community on Ibiza at the beautiful eco-resort "Atzaro" on the eastside of the island. There was a lot of yoga, dancing, therapeutic sessions, gong & sound healing, watsu etc. (I might have to write a separate post about it). One of my personal highlights was the drumming circle at the end of the festival. High energy, beautiful people and a sunset above one of the most beautiful locations of the island.

Intenion-setting was a big theme in our yoga week. To me setting an intention for your yoga practice reminds us that we are a part of a whole bigger plan, that our actions, words and thoughts matter and we practice mindfulness, awareness and manifestation. 
The highest motivation for me is to see the students going home with their heart full of new experiences, their bodies with new energy and their lifes with new ideas and intentions. That spark in the eyes says it all sometimes.
That’s what keeps me going as a teacher in the service of yoga and I am committed to do, with deep gratitude.

Ibiza, I carry you in my heart and I see you soon again.

love and gratitude, nicole.

Ibiza.Yoga. Magic. Retreat Dates 2017
26th May -2nd June and 22nd -29th September

sign up and still receive our Early Bird Discount here

Soul Talk with David Lurey, yoga teacher and bhakti artist

Nicole Dechow

-Soul Talk is a short 3 question interview series with inspiring people from all over the world-

I met David almost 7 years ago while we were teaching in the same yoga studio in Hamburg, Germany. I was amazed by how he combines his playfulness and knowledge in his yoga classes and even more how he touched his students hearts with his songs. Let me tell you, I saw many joyful tears in savasana. I was not surprised that later on he released a much wanted and loved album and highly recommend it to all yoga students and teachers. 

David, 43, yoga teacher and artist -&nbsp;getting out of Savasana with David's songs leaves you 100 % &nbsp;blissed out &nbsp;// Photo @ Edgar van Kesteren

David, 43, yoga teacher and artist - getting out of Savasana with David's songs leaves you 100 %  blissed out  // Photo @ Edgar van Kesteren

What I love:

Life itself... on a daily basis and all the miracles I witness.  I love my family.  I love nature in all its many forms.  I love applying philosophy to daily life in ways that push the edge of how to interact peacefully with all beings.  I love my guitars and singing mantras.  I love dark chocolate and taking sun on the beach (but not at the same time... the chocolate melts!).  I love flying in airplanes (and yes, I know the carbon implications of that and do my best to balance where I can).  I love trees and movies that make my heart open. 

What Yoga means to me:

Finding as many ways to bring body, mind & spirit into a positive relationship with each other as possible... on and off the mat.  Also, exploring ways to expand my consciousness in all directions equally.

My Health Secrets:

-Scraping & Milking the tongue on a daily basis
-Coconut Oil for the hair (and skin when it is warm outside)
-Observe your poop to have a clear vision of digestion... a key to overall health.
-BALANCE!  Not too much, not too little (of all things)

Thank you for sharing your gifts and light with the world, David. I will forever keep playing your songs in my yoga playlists.

About David:

David, E-RYT 500 was introduced to Yoga in 1996 as a way to tone his body and relieve work related stress. Using those as a foundation for building an Asana practice, the other limbs of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga began to unfold leading him to the path of teaching transformational Yoga.

David is currently based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain co-creating courses and trainings to ‘Inspire Health and Vitality’ with his beloved wife, Mirjam Wagner. 

Find more information here:
Listen to David's music here: