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108 Prayers Goddess Mala "Amethyst"


108 Prayers Goddess Mala "Amethyst"


108 Prayers Goddess Mala "Amethyst"

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108 Prayers Godess Mala with 108 cut beads and stone tassel for the extra shiny and exquisite look.
The boheme yet luxury mala is made  of cut polished stones for the extra shine with a unique and special gemstone tassel.
This mala makes every person shine and is a highlight to simple yoga wear as well as evening happenings.

Amethyst: this purple stone is the ruler of the "third eye" , protects your energy and strengthens intuition and creativity
Rosequartz: the pink stone is the stone of the heart, brining with it  unconditional love and compassion.

Length: 22 inches /51 cm without tassel/ 56 cm with tassel / navel length

-Unleash your inner goddess-

Did you know:

all our Malas and Necklaces are hand made in India and get a special blessing and energy cleaning.

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