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Saint Tropez - La Plage Retreat


Saint Tropez - La Plage Retreat

Nicole Dechow

La Plage Yoga Retreat - 7 days of beach life, yoga and soulful food at one of the most beautiful beaches at the Côte d'azur 

Oh what a great time we had with a wonderful group of people from all over europe who took 1 week off to retreat to themselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
A yoga retreat is always a great time not only to take time for yourself, dive deeper into your yoga practice but also to create space and time for change and growth in your life.  
You most likely go home not only with a lighter body but also with a more purposeful soul and filled-up batteries for the things to deal with in your daily life.
It is really a retreat to yourself and a  reconnecting to your life path. 

How does a day at a yoga retreat look like:
We started the morning with tea, hot water and fruits followed by a 90 min yoga class with different focus and intention for each class - somehow in this retreat we focused a lot on the sacred space of the heart center and how to apply its energy of gratefulness and love into our life.
In case you are wondering, I always have  a detailed class schedule for the whole week which I change completely each time by intuition. It is so important to go with the energy of the group and what is needed. 

After our morning class we always had brunch together. This was not any brunch, nooo - we had an amazing vegetarian bhakti yoga cook who delighted us every day with new vegetarian dishes. My daily superfood smoothies were just a side dish compared to this.
After brunch we explored the beach, the city or just relaxed at this beautiful, calm and amazing oasis. 
The evening class was always held on the beach and consisted mostly of pranayama, mediation and yin yoga classes.
There is nothing better than meditating on the beach surrounded by nature.

Go treat yourself for a yoga retreat, your body mind and soul will thank you.

love, Nicole.

-This beautiful retreat location is a private dream house build and maintained with love and organic and energetic principles-

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