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Bali - travelguide for yoga and healthy living

Nicole Dechow


Nadja Ehlert -&nbsp;Soul &amp; Yoga yogateacher and dance teacher from Germany-gives you her insights and travel tips to Bali, the island of the gods.

Nadja Ehlert - Soul & Yoga yogateacher and dance teacher from Germany-gives you her insights and travel tips to Bali, the island of the gods.

We startet our Trip in KUTA, which is very close to the airport in Denpasar.
Kuta is a very lively space with many Backpackers and young people arround.
During the day, Kuta is perfect for surfing and we had a great time in the waves - and sometimes also on the waves! :D
Its a good place for beginners -like me and my boyfriend were- cause there is no dangerous coral reef in the ocean and you can find many surfschools directly at the beach.

A bit more to the north we visited SEMINYAK & CHANGU.
„Serenety Eco guesthouse“, which is placed in Changu, is a lovely place for sleeping & taking yoga classes.
They offer a variety of yoga classes, yoga retreats & yoga workshops. 
I have been there already twice and love coming back.

 If you are traveling more to the south of Bali, ULUWATU is a great spot you should go. We visited the  Uluwatu Temple, also named as Pura Luhur Uluwatu, build on a 70 meter high cliff projecting into the indian ocean. 

There are many beautiful beaches around here, like „Dreamland beach“ (which is a bit more in the north of Uluwatu) and the small „Padang Padang beach“.
Both are definitely worth a visit. 
A highlight in Uluwatu is the „Single Fin" bar.
It has a great view over the ocean, having a cool drink while watching some surfers. Definitely one of our unforgettable moments: enjoying the beautiful sunset, meeting people from all over the world, listening to good music and eating tasty food

And as it couldn’t get any better, right next to the bar you can find „Nalubowls“.
A mix of smoothie, fruitsalad and cereals with different types of toppings.
They don't just taste delicious, they also look awesome served in fancy coconut bowls. 
We were addicted to Nalubowls and happy that you can also find them in Seminyak and Ubud.

Nalu Bowls - my favorites: a mix of smoothie, fruits and toppings to choose

Nalu Bowls - my favorites: a mix of smoothie, fruits and toppings to choose

More to the food topic: „Nasi Goreng“ & „Bakso“ are the traditional meals in bali, which we had often as you can get it almost everywhere. But if you are looking for good pizza: „Tratorria“ restaurant is sooooo yummy.

 UBUD is a must for every Bali-trip.  You can find many lovely organic/vegan cafés are arround the streets and one of my favourite was „the Atman Café“. 

From 9am – 10 pm there is a big market in ubud where you can buy clothes, souvenirs, masques, jewellery and everything typical balinese.
But don’t forget to trade  here- the seller will start with the triple price.

Every evening you have the opportunity to watch a traditionell balinese Dance Show. For me, as a dancer, i really enjoyed it and i guess its hard work to learn all the face- and hand gestures.

For all the yoga people the "Yoga Barn" in Ubud is a must. I went there 3 times for a vinyasa class and it was always a great experience for me.
Also my boyfriend was joining a class and he said he had a lot of fun.

They have a small Café inside and serving yummy healthy food & drinks.

Yoga Barn in Ubud

Yoga Barn in Ubud

Last but not least here are some random tips to make your bali stay as pleasant as possible:

-rent a scooter, if you can drive one.
 Its always the easiest and cheapest way to explore the island

-Dont make so many plans where you wanna go... Live in the moment, believe that the right things will come to you at the right time.

-and very important: try nalu bowls! 

I hope you enjoyed my Bali highlights and they help you to discover the island on your own ,which you absolutely should. 

love and light, Nadja

About Nadja:
Nadja lives and teaches yoga and dance in Memmingen, Germany.
She is part of our Soul & Yoga tribe since 2014, when she attended our yoga teacher training in Goa.
She is an inspirational soul and free spirit - her pictures and adventures around the world are definitely worth following - check out her latest happinez article featuring her amazing tattoos. 
Instagram: nadzge





IBIZA.YOGA.MAGIC - a magical yoga retreat on Ibiza

Nicole Dechow

Sunset Magic on Ibiza, &nbsp;Es Vedra

Sunset Magic on Ibiza,  Es Vedra

The name of our 5 day yoga retreat in may describes exactly how it was - magical. 

A yoga retreat is always a perfect time to retreat yourself, to take time for yourself and to take a break of your day-to-day life. It is a little sanctuary and a gift to yourself. It is also a time where you can dive deeper in your own yoga practice. It is a time to heal, nurture and experience. 

Ibiza is the perfect place for a yoga retreat. This tiny island has a magical energy that is hard to describe but felt by many. I know Ibiza has the reputation of a party island but also it has a huge spiritual community and a somehow untouched rough and yet soft nature.  You just have to experience it by yourself.  

Savasana bliss and Es Vedra magic

Savasana bliss and Es Vedra magic

It was our second time at the beautiful apartment hotel just opposite the magical rock, Es Vedra, for our retreat here and the location is just pure magic. Totally quiet in a somehow untouched nature and of course the magic of Es Vedra, the rock.  There are many stories around the rock and spiritual seekers from all over the world come to feel the presence of Es Vedra. One story is that Es Vedra is a part of Atlantis and when you climb it -what we did -you can see the clues of Ufos in the stone plateaus. Whatever it is it is a magical rock that has a special energy around.  

Climbing "Atlantis"

Climbing "Atlantis"

We also visited a few of my favorite places and beaches on this retreat. Ses Salines, one of Ibizas most famous beaches has its own charm and the most perfect salty water. There are a lot of beach clubs you can hang around but also more quiet places and a visit at "Sa Trinxa" can be worthy if you are feeling social. 
The "Sunset Ashram" in the northwest of the island is a perfect place for watching the sunset. Its located on a riff overlooking the sea. You can order indian dishes or sushi and enjoy the sunset sitting in the sand or the side of the cliff. 

sunsets at "Sunset Ashram"

sunsets at "Sunset Ashram"

On the other side you find the famous Hippie Market of Ibiza and also the small village "Santa Gertrudis" with a huge variety of vegan and raw cafes, small boutiques and special charm. I highly recommend the food at "Wild Beets", we had fantastic juices and raw food.