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PrAna in the City

Nicole Dechow


Prana, in yogic terms means life force and often refers to all cosmic energy.
I knew about the brand "PrAna" and their almost unique offer of sustainable, recycled and fair trade focus in their clothing line from the time I spent in the U.S. and so I was happy to test out their new products for you.
I was really surprised how comfortable and soft the fabrics are and which variety of products they have, but most of all I feel good in clothes when I wear them. It matters a lot to me where my clothes come from and as much as I can try to make conscious sustainable choices.
I smiled seeing that the sweater I was wearing was made of recycled fabrics and it feels good to know that there are companies out there that care about our earth. This fact is what makes PrAna special to me.

Mindfully made
PrAna offers sustainable, recycled ,fair trade organic yoga and outdoor wear, that uses only organic cotton and hemp.
If you ever asked yourself why it is so important and how to recycle your clothes watch
PrAnas video on the Renewal Workshop here. 


If you want to test PrAna´s lounge clothes and active wear for yourself, use the CODE MHMS17ND to get 15 % off your complete order until May 26th on .
You can also head over to my Facebook Page where I have a little special for you -you can win one of PrAna´s summer tops.


This article was made in cooperation PrAna.