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To the love of my life - YOGA

Nicole Dechow

Dear Yoga,
when I first met you I immediately felt at home.
You touched my heart and soul in a way I have not experienced it before.
You have been there for me at all times.
When I thought I couldn't go on and my world seemed dark you were shining a light at my path.
I shared my happiest and my saddest moments with you.
When I didn't know the answers to the questions in my life you silently whispered that I find all the answers inside of me. And so I did.
At times when I thought I knew it all you lifted the veil showed me different perspectives.
You made me step into my darkest, most painful days with ease and confidence. 

You changed the way I look at the world. And also how I live in this world now.
You were there for me when my heart was breaking, again and again -you helped it healing and when I started to close my heart you showed me that the only way to fully live is to love with an open heart. 

Through you I also met the people who are closest to my heart now. 
But most of all through you I got to know myself and I understood that I am a part of this universe and I understood that we all are part of the same universe and we all share the same feelings, hopes and fears. 

Dear yoga, i owe you almost everything I am today. I am so proud to spread and share your teachings in this world and show others the way you showed me. 
I will keep you close to me - always.
And with a wide open heart I look forward to our future and the journey it will take us on. 

Yours truly, Nicole

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